Monday, November 16, 2009

das Tarnung: camouflage

work by Liu Bolin,

malen Sie Gewehr: high-powered paint gun

Kisschasy album art by Mathematics graphics

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Wie heißen Sie?

interesting portrait constructions. b&w double exposure is by my friend allison caldwell

die Abebbend: fade-out

Lorie Novak's projections onto night landscapes. 1990-1991. all images from

umarmt zebrochen: broken embraces stills

i listen so hard to almodovar's movies, i am almost scared of what he has to show. his colors! mostly i am so excited

die Planscheibe : face plate

portraits by robert bergman, some shot in kentucky! now showing at ps 1

ersatz tiere: fake animals/ plowing of the fields and the turning up of the earth

i don't know. i have a thing about dinosaurs - i think other people are attracted to them also. a pretty superficial obsession, but sometimes i think they are about human ancestry or primitivism. i had a dream the other night - a crazy dream - i was driving to a remote part of northern coastal maine, and on the highway up i had to drive over tons of polar bear and manatee/some sort of snow seal road kill. my friend hasnaa from morocco says that at home november is known as a time for crazy dreams since the fields are plowed after harvest -- the turning up of the earth turns things up in your mind also
most images from ps 1 website - unidentified there. but the bunnies are called 'i would like to understand' by BB pekka jylha. the polar bear is 'C senso unico' by matthew septimus. 'liberty' is by enrique chagoya. halloween costumes from kids from